Benefits of Long-Term Cooperation

Generally, loyalty pays and long-term relationships are mutually beneficial. Translation services are no exception to this rule. Like you, we too are looking for stability – we seek partners for long-term relationships. Partners are valued in both professional and personal lives.

This is why we would like to become your long-term partner for translation services. Such cooperation is beneficial for both parties, as it gives partners the feeling of mutual understanding, awareness of technical details and in the end it saves time and makes everyone’s lives easier.

First of course we need to mention the translation memory  which we create and manage for each client, automatically and free of charge. Its benefits have been summarised in the case study entitled Discount on repeating texts in practice.


In addition to financial savings, translation memory saves time because texts will be translated consistently, and you can always rely on this.

The benefits of the translation memory thus increase if long-term cooperation is established, because all your documents will have uniform terminology, across all languages.



Many of our clients have specific requirements related to billing, reflecting their internal corporate processes. This may include monthly billing, with one or many purchase order numbers; customer reports issued before the invoice is completed, from which all items can be internally changed; or sending invoices directly to accountants’ offices or headquarters. In a long-term relationship, there is no need to explain everything over and over. We set up your special processes years ago, and automatically follow them, unless you say otherwise. Have you forgotten to send the purchase order number? We will remind you. We understand what our clients need.


Then there are specific requirements related to ordering. Sometimes, only certain employees are authorised to place purchase orders, and in such cases we always supervise the ordering process and perhaps inform that additional approval from the responsible person is needed. Even though by default we need to have each purchase order confirmed, and only start translating after we receive such a confirmation, nothing is easier than individual arrangements.

For example, all your requests for price quotations are automatically approved. This may also apply to just up to a certain number of words, if placed by Ms. Newton, only the proofreading of English texts, or just translations that are submitted on Tuesday … the possibilities are endless.


Finally, there is the flavour of a friendly relationship. From our previous experience, we will understand when you are in a hurry or whether the given texts are to be published. Of course it is always better to have the details confirmed, but in good and stable relationships one simply knows that this text is to be published on the website, that one is just something informative for the management, and that tomorrow you will send a newsletter to be translated in return. Some of our customers have nicely captured this in the references, for which we are grateful and would like to express our thanks once again.


We hope everyone will find reliable partners for strong and stable relationships.



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