10 ways to piss off a Czech

This morning we had a bit of fun in the office. We had a read through some blogs written by people who’ve visited the Czech Republic, about what they thought about us Czechs. Some of the things they mentioned were quite funny, but if we’re being honest it’s probably best if you don’t bring them up if you ever come and visit – doing these 10 things might just get you in our bad books 😀 

Assume we are always depressed

Cold and grumpy are a couple of words that came up a fair few times. Just because we don’t believe in fake smiles and we say what we mean doesn’t make us depressed, though! We all have a very good sense of humor and once you get to know a Czech, you’ll have a friend for life.

Say we are from Czechoslovakia

We’re not! Learn history!!! Czechoslovakia split up back in 1993, and you know what? To make things even more complicated we’re now actually called Czechia (though we don’t really like that name) 😛

Think we all have OCD just because we take our shoes off at the door

Czechs like cleanliness, and spend a lot of time doing housework at the weekend (yes, that involves cleaning the windows). That’s why we really don’t like it when you mess up our nice clean carpet by wearing your dirty shoes indoors. If you’re worried about getting cold, every good Czech host has a pair of slippers to lend you ?

Assume we all wear socks and sandals

Even though Kaufland has labeled it a Czech classic, WE DON’T WEAR SOCKS AND SANDALS!!! Ok, well, maybe if you’re male and over 50 you probably do, but let’s not judge the whole population based on them ok?

Call us alcoholics

We may be one of the top 10 booziest nations in the world, but that doesn’t mean we’re all alcoholics. We can hold our drink, so much so that you’ll never see a Czech so drunk they can’t get home. Just don’t challenge us to a drinking contest cuz we will drink you under the table ?

Laughing at us because we buy 10 bags of flour just because they’ve been reduced by 10kc

If you see a queue outside a supermarket before it opens, it’s because we’re waiting to pick up whatever’s on sale before it sells out (usually after 5 mins). As things weren’t readily available back in communism, when we see something in the sale, we will stock up on it.

Call us Eastern-European or Russian

Did you know that Vienna is further East than Prague? Enough said.

Don’t eat meat

We love meat, and most of our dishes involve some kind of meat. So if you’re a vegetarian you’re gonna go hungry (we might be exaggerating a bit with that, but you get the point ?).

Have no head on your beer

If you drink beer you’ve got to drink it properly, which involves a proper head. If you don’t, then it’s not even a proper beer.

Don’t take our titles seriously

Ever wondered why Czechs have Ing. Or Mgr. before their name? It’s their academic title. After 5 years at Uni we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and use our titles all the time. We even address each other by it during business meetings!

Not understanding how amazing “mushrooming” or going to the cottage is.

After a tough week in the office there’s nothing better than leaving the town and spending the weekend with friends and family at our cottage. We also love mushrooming – which involves going to look for mushrooms and collecting them…we’d win gold at the Olympics if it was a recognized sport 😀



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