Certified translations

Leave your certified translations in the hands of professionals. We have years of experience and deliver thousands of pages of certified translations every year. We provide certified translations for some of the Czech Republic’s largest law firms using our trusted court-appointed translators.


We offer certified translations in any language combination. We work with the best court-appointed translators and interpreters in the country and provide the best quality translations in short delivery periods.




We offer certified (sworn) translations in most major languages.

We recommend that you send us a scanned copy of your document by e-mail in advance and so that we can prepare the translation. We will notify you when a printed copy can be collected from our offices.

Alternatively, the translated documents can be delivered by post or courier.


Enquire about a certified translation from us – it’s easy!

Send an e-mail to zakazky@ceskepreklady.cz:

  1. The text to be translated
  2. Target language
  3. Required delivery date

We will promptly send you a price quote for your approval.

 All hardcopy documents needed for certified translation must be delivered in person or sent by registered mail/courier. We recommend that you e-mail us a scanned copy first. Upon receiving the scanned copy, we can immediately prepare a price quote and advise you on whether or not to provide a notarised copy of the original document before we begin the required services.