CAT programy

Engineers have saved 25% thanks to discounts on repeated text

We have translated and proofread 9 million words for the Test Institute since 2005. This means over 4,400 jobs in 34 languages. In addition, thanks to our long-term cooperation and the discounts on repeated text, the Engineering Test Institute has saved some 25% in costs, i.e. several million Czech crowns.

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Translating website content using
a CMS connector

For an extremely successful Czech technology start-up, Memsource, we regularly translate updates to the website and blog from English into German, as well as text strings for the Memsource app, including the UI of the Memsource web and mobile app, from English into fourteen European and Asian languages.

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Memsource, Trados, and Other Tools
for Perfect Translations

České překlady uses various CAT tools for translations into English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish, and many other European and world languages. These tools (CAT, or Computer Assisted Translations) are centred around the use of translation memories (TM). The principle is that the translated text is split into individual parts, so-called segments (usually sentences), which […]

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Major Translation Project – Annual Report

In this case, we worked on the translation of the Annual Report of the Regional Council of the Central Moravia Cohesion Region , covering more than 60 pages, which the customer requested to be delivered over the course of a weekend.

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Translations of Annual Reports –
Translate More, Pay Less

Annual reports represent a specific domain of translation services. They are especially, so to speak, “seasonal goods” – the demand regularly arrives as financial statements are published, mostly in late winter and early spring. From the perspective of translators, annual reports represent a specific type of text which requires a thorough understanding of accounting and financial principles and terminology.

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Tools for Quality Translations

CAT Tools Let’s take a quick look at the so-called computer aided or assisted translation systems (abbreviated as CAT). Their basic linguistic resource is a text database of previously completed translations. In addition to the original text and the corresponding translations, each pair of sentences is saved, along with some additional information, such as language codes, […]

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