Consistent Use of Terminology in Professional Translations

Although we always choose the best professional translators and proofreaders for our jobs, we do not rely solely on their expertise. Therefore, none of our translation projects can run without the use of a glossary or term base. This helps us to always keep our terminology consistent and in line with our clients’ preferences.

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Translations of Annual Reports

Annual reports are official documents that larger businesses are required by law to compile once per year and which contain financial data and other important details describing the state of the company in question. Their content is defined by the applicable legislation.

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Translations of Annual Reports – Translate More, Pay Less

Annual reports represent a specific domain of translation services. They are especially, so to speak, “seasonal goods” – the demand regularly arrives as financial statements are published, mostly in late winter and early spring. From the perspective of translators, annual reports represent a specific type of text which requires a thorough understanding of accounting and financial principles and terminology.

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What the translator of the future will look like?

What changes are ahead in the translation business? What will translators face and what will they have to adapt to keep step with the times and the market? What should be in the profile of a future translator and, in particular, how to find such a person?

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MTPE, or what we as a language service provider can expect

Thanks to continuous improvements in the quality of machine translation (MT), especially after the introduction of ‘neural’ machine translation, we as a supplier of language services are increasingly receiving orders, especially from foreign clients, for the proofreading of unmodified machine translations (in the terminology of project managers ‘MTPE’, or the post-editing of machine translations). Let’s […]

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Buyers guide: how translation technology can help you

Let’s face it, if you’re not from our industry, translation is probably not going to be one of your favourite words. Translation is often perceived as extremely time-consuming, and the number of options available can seem rather intimidating if you’re not dealing with them on a daily basis.   BUT…it doesn’t have to be that […]

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