long term cooperation on translations

Translation of 1,000 pages in non-editable format

The HAVEL & PARTNERS law firm contacted us with a request for the translation of more than 1,000 pages of text in 120 separate PDF documents. Deadline: a more than ambitious two weeks. Mind you, it took a week just to convert the documents into an editable form for use in our translation technology!

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Engineers have saved 25% thanks to discounts on repeated text

We have translated and proofread 9 million words for the Test Institute since 2005. This means over 4,400 jobs in 34 languages. In addition, thanks to our long-term cooperation and the discounts on repeated text, the Engineering Test Institute has saved some 25% in costs, i.e. several million Czech crowns.

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Nearly 3,000 translation projects for the largest Czech law firm

As of November 2022, we had delivered more than 5,200 pages of certified translations and more than 12,000 pages of specialized translations in the English-Czech and Czech-English combinations. Law firms often request express-delivery translations of rather long foreign language texts.

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Benefits of Long-Term Cooperation

Generally, loyalty pays and long-term relationships are mutually beneficial. Translation services are no exception to this rule. Like you, we too are looking for stability – we seek partners for long-term relationships. Partners are valued in both professional and personal lives. This is why we would like to become your long-term partner for translation services. Such cooperation is beneficial for both parties, as it gives partners the feeling of mutual understanding, awareness of technical details and in the end it saves time and makes everyone’s lives easier.

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