Express translations

We define “express” translations as translations with very short delivery times.
Most often, within 24 or 48 hours.

At standard speeds we translate 2,500 words per working day, which corresponds to
approximately 10 standard pages a day. Longer texts which you need delivered faster,
are translated within express translation mode, at an extra charge.

We work with the best translators in the Czech Republic

We know translators from A to Z and we know who is the best at what. This allows us to choose the ideal professional for your job who is most familiar with your subject matter and knows the terminology of the field. With us, you can be sure you won’t
get it wrong.

Express translations

We are leaders in translation speed

Since our company was founded we have translated over 20,000 express delivery jobs. Some even in less than 24 hours. We know from communication with our customers that not all translation service providers are able to offer this. We appreciate that when you are pressed for time, you turn to us with confidence.

Case study

Express delivery translation of 81 legal files in 3 days.

This was a true challenge for us! We delivered the translation of 876 pages of legal text to our client in 3 working days. The standard delivery time would be 30 days. We accepted this express delivery job on Wednesday and delivered our translation on Monday morning.

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Případová studie
„We have been working with České překlady since 2013. We mainly have a need for certified and standard translations from various European languages into Czech. We have always been very satisfied with the services of České překlady and appreciate the option of ordering express translations, as well as the terminological and factual accuracy of the translations.“
Martina Šteincová Marketing Manager
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One-off project

This is most likely a one-off translation project. 
If you are seeking a long-term partner,
please contact our specialists.

Long-term partnership

Zuzana Dvouletá

Zuzana Dvouletá

+420 739 261 211

More about express translations


The express extra charge is the expression of the priority that we give to your request for translation. Therefore, even shorter texts need to have an extra charge.


How express translations work

As soon as we receive your purchase order, we start working immediately, because if you need the translation by the second or third working day, no time should be wasted. We create a team of linguists, choose the most appropriate strategy, coordinate the work on individual parts of the translation, make a glossary and communicate with you and each other to make sure that the work is done as needed. Thanks to our use of the best IT technology and our long experience, we sometimes get things done sooner than you expect.