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“České překlady has repeatedly provided us with consecutive interpreting services, during various meetings, business forums, and trips abroad. The work has included, for example,... ” read more

Mgr. David Záleský
External Relations Division

“České překlady has been our provider of interpreting services since 2012. They help us, for instance, by providing simultaneous interpreting from Czech into English at our... ” read more

Naďa Černá
International Affairs Specialist

“We provide premium communication services, so having a reliable translation and interpreting service provider is vital for us. České překlady provides us with the translations... ” read more

Gabriela Kolářová
Senior Consultant

“České překlady has been our reliable partner for translation services since 2010, so we contacted them again this year with a request for consecutive interpretation from Czech... ” read more

Bohuslav Vondruška, DiS.
Head of Culture and External Relations

“During our long-term partnership, České překlady has repeatedly provided us with consecutive interpreting services between English and German. These were mostly business... ” read more

Ing. Marek Otruba
Head of Business Department, Moravia and Slovakia Division

“We are a loyal customer of České překlady and their services are always to our satisfaction. Recently, we have also used their professional court interpreting services between... ” read more

Ing. Blanka Reitmayerová
Operations Director

“In December of 2019, České překlady provided consecutive interpreting from Czech into English for us during our unique “Nature and the Zoo with All the Senses” workshop.... ” read more

Helena Petáková
Head of Publishing Department

“We have been working with České překlady for a long time, but it was only this year that we had the opportunity to use their online interpreting services. This was simultaneous... ” read more

Lucie Nesnídalová
Documents Administrator

“České překlady has been our translation and interpreting subcontractor for over 11 years. During this impressive period of time, we have never had a client who was dissatisfied... ” read more

Pavla Elsnerová
Product Coordinator

“Společnost České překlady pro nás zajišťovala tlumočení při proškolení údržby a obsluhy lakovací kabiny v závodu MAN Trucks v Polsku v říjnu 2022. Vše proběhlo... ” read more

Ing. Olga Herko
Sales Specialist

“In March 2021, we were asked to organize simultaneous professional interpretation of an international workshop. We are happy that we found a reliable partner in České překlady... ” read more

Mgr. Simona Vladíková
Head of the Heritage Department

“We were completely satisfied with the interpretation services. We will definitely contact your agency again when the technology handover project comes... ” read more

Ing. Soňa Nováková, Ph.D.

“In collaboration with České překlady, we organised simultaneous interpreting from English into French at a law conference in June of 2018, including the installation of the... ” read more

Jana Rennerová
Management Assistant

“České překlady s.r.o. is our reliable partner, providing us with certified translations in various language combinations. This is why we asked them to help us communicate with... ” read more

Mgr. Kateřina Čepová

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