Our proofreading services are available as an essential part of the translation process. To guarantee the high quality of any translation services, proofreading is an essential part of the process. We have years of experience and proofread hundreds of thousands of words every year. We help hundreds of clients, many of which you surely know, to bring their foreign language content to perfection.


Proofreading has many forms, from a simple review, through stylistic and final proofreading before printing, and revisions by native speakers. We offer all of these services, plus free consultancy, to make sure that we can find the best type of proofreading for your texts. We will always make sure to identify the ideal service for you. 



We provide a full range of proofreading services, including language and stylistic proofreading, proofreading by native speakers, and final proofreading before printing.

Language consultations for proofreading jobs within a reasonable scope are provided for free.

We proofread texts for the largest Czech advertising agencies and marketing departments of many prestigious corporations.


If you have any translated or other texts which require further editing, our proofreading services are an ideal solution for you.  Contact us for more details – it’s easy.


Send an e-mail to

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We will promptly send you a price quote for your approval.