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“We’ve been working with České překlady since 2016. We sell perfume and cosmetics through our e-shop, and do business in 28 different countries worldwide. Trying to find a... ” read more

Marie Kovaříková
Translations Coordinator

“We value the excellent translations provided by České Překlady, the firm’s flexible approach and friendly communication, and above all their reliability in meeting... ” read more

Patrik Madle

“When working with our customers, the SZÚ always emphasises tradition, quality, and professionalism. We apply the same standards to our partnership with České překlady s.r.o.,... ” read more

Michal Dvořáček
Foreign Cooperation Manager

“We have been working with České překlady since 2020. They provide us with translations of various documents in the healthcare sector, such as patient consent forms and... ” read more

Ing. Zdeněk Kvasnička
Head of the Central Purchasing Department

“České překlady has helped us with professional legal and marketing translations of our e-shop content into Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, English, and... ” read more

Martina Baletková
Chief Commercial Officer

“We work with České překlady for several reasons, including the expertise of their translators, the quality of their project management and, of course, their pricing policy. We... ” read more

Jaroslav Bulánek
ILS Manager

“Since the beginning of our cooperation with České překlady almost 20 years ago, we have always particularly appreciated the accuracy, quality and reliability of their... ” read more

Olga Stanley
Communications Manager

“I am happy that České překlady has become our reliable provider of translation services for the localisation of our website. We are satisfied both with the delivery times and... ” read more

Petr Muzikář
Product Manager

“Dotykačka is a reliable POS system offering payment services for catering, retail, various services, and hotels. Just as we help our customers streamline their processes and save... ” read more

Jindřich Staněk
Project Specialist

“Firstly, I would like to thank České překlady for its very professional services. Our agency, McCann/Momentum, has been working with České překlady for more than 5 years, and... ” read more

Michal Mikeš
Copywritter & Traffic

“We work with České překlady quite intensively, and we are glad that we have found a reliable partner for our translations that meets all our requirements. From their wide range... ” read more

Barbora Bartoušková
Traffic Manager

“I am happy that České překlady has become our reliable provider of translation services for the localisation of our website. I was satisfied both with the delivery times and... ” read more

Lukáš Adámek
Marketing Director

“We selected České překlady as our provider of translation services namely because of the wide range of services they offer. They are able to satisfy all our translation and... ” read more

Jana Plotová
Marketing Manager

“We have been working with České překlady since 2008. They provide us with translations of professional texts into several different languages. We appreciate the fact that all of... ” read more

Ing. Zuzana Cetkovská
Marketing Assistant

“We are glad to have found a reliable partner in České překlady, who are able to fulfill our needs in translating all language combinations, including less common languages, such... ” read more

Pavel Puškár
Purchasing Department

“We have been working with České překlady for many years and have always been satisfied with the expertise and professionalism of its staff, as well as the quality of services... ” read more

Ing. Marek Otruba
Head of Sales Department

“Our portfolio includes classic fashion for men, but we also offer professional clothing for the armed forces and uniforms for various agencies of European and non-European... ” read more

Michal Kohout
Sales Manager

“Why do we recommend České překlady’s services to other customers? Among other things, because in addition to the usual language combinations, they also offer translation and... ” read more

Ing. Karolina Čápová
Documents Administrator & Coordinator

“We started working with České překlady in 2019. Before delivering their first translations of highly technical texts, they submitted a glossary of key terms which we authorized... ” read more

Adriana Poláková
Office coordinator & Marketing assistant

“Flexible, personal approach and top-quality services. Their translations have always exceeded our expectations when it comes to both deadlines and the technical side of... ” read more

Lenka Petrlová
CEO Assistant

“2022 is the twelfth year of our continued successful cooperation with České překlady. The agency handles the translation of technical and more general documents, mainly from... ” read more

Ing. Milada Staňková
Marketing Communications Manager

“We have had many years of very positive experiences with České překlady. All our orders are processed immediately and delivered within the agreed deadlines in the highest... ” read more

Ivana Pavelková
Business Development Department

“České překlady has been our translation service provider since 2017. They translate texts from English and German into Czech or Slovak for us. We especially appreciate their... ” read more

Hana Peterková
CEO Assistant

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the many years of excellent cooperation. As an IT company working with many international customers, partners,... ” read more

Martina Kováčová
Bid Manager, Procurement

“We have been working with České překlady for more than a year now. They translate everything for us, from routine texts to professional and specialized content. We are very... ” read more

Eva Kabeláčová
Account Director

“We have been working with České překlady s.r.o. since late 2013. Our company, Bednar FMT s.r.o., uses the agency’s translation services for complex texts that are full of... ” read more

Kryštof Sahula
Product Management Officer

“I found out about České překlady by chance, and it was a happy accident that has only brought satisfaction. Our technical texts were translated into English within a couple of... ” read more

Kateřina Kvapilová
Head of Operations

“We are pleased with the services of České překlady, particularly with the quality of the translations delivered. Another crucial factor in our satisfaction is the flexibility... ” read more

Lenka Pommerová
Foreign Relations Administrator

“We hereby thank České překlady for the outstanding cooperation we have enjoyed since 2008. Of key importance to us is correct and uniform terminology in translations of... ” read more

Lada Odstrčilová
Technical Assistant

“České překlady has been translating our IT and legal documents into and from English for many years now. As an IT company, we appreciate their use of the modern Memsource... ” read more

Ludmila Dubinská

“LOGIS is a supplier of solutions allowing mechanical engineering and steel manufacturers to increase their operational efficiency and quality of customer service thanks to advanced... ” read more

Ondřej Konvička
Marketing Manager

“We have been working with České překlady since 2013. We mainly need certified and standard translations from various European languages into Czech. We have always been very... ” read more

Dr. Martina Šteincová, Ph.D.
Distribution Partner Marketing Manager SSD EMEA

“The Olomouc Region cooperates with eight partner regions and other regions across Europe. We have been using České překlady’s translation and interpreting services in our... ” read more

Mgr. David Záleský
External Relations Division

“We very much appreciate our excellent and professional collaboration with České překlady. Our specialised texts concerning pharmaceuticals are always delivered at a very high... ” read more

Věra Mukařovská
Document and Data Control

“České překlady were clearly our first choice from the moment we began looking for a partner for our translation needs in Bulgarian and Romanian, in the field of Fleet... ” read more

Mgr. Jana Dinušová
Project Manager

“We are professional software developers and have been working with České překlady through our sister company, MAXXUM s.r.o. We especially appreciate the fact that České... ” read more

Ing. Vladislav Findejs
Analyst, consultant

“We regularly need quality translations into more than twenty languages, with short delivery deadlines. What we appreciate about České překlady in particular is the fact that... ” read more

Ing. Anežka Petrů
Marketing manager

“We are extremely pleased with the translation services that České překlady provides. We appreciate their prompt communication and the quality delivered. We know exactly when the... ” read more

Aneta Klusáková
PR Team Members

“We have been working with České překlady since 2018. They provide us with translations of texts for public tenders and other legal and business documents. We appreciate not only... ” read more

Bc. Patrik Šajtar
Mayor's Office

“We have been working with České překlady since 2004, and they are definitely our number one choice when it comes to the provision of translation services. We have always been... ” read more

Jana Nastoupilová
Production Manager

“The services provided by České překlady are highly professional. The agency’s translations have helped promote the tourist region of Central Moravia around the... ” read more

Denisa Králíková
Marketing Manager

“Our cooperation with České překlady was very successful. We can count on their friendly approach and superb... ” read more

Pavel Korelus
Department of Public Relations and Communication

“Our long-term cooperation with České překlady is simply a confirmation that their services are always professional. We especially appreciate their response times and willingness... ” read more

Adéla Lukešová
Management Assistant, Commercial Risk Solutions

“České překlady has translated legal texts into German, Spanish, French, and Italian for us. We love their professional attitude, their flexibility, and the level of engagement... ” read more

Jakub Mandát

“We have been a client of České překlady s.r.o. for many years now. They always respond immediately to our needs and quickly send us price and deadline information. We are very... ” read more

Kateřina Gereková
Marketing Manager

“My name is Detlef Meier, and I am an employee of Melitta Co. in Minden, Germany. A significant part of my work consists of ordering translations. The translation agency České... ” read more

Detlef Meier
Service Design & Druck

“České překlady has been providing translation services for us for more than ten years. We mainly need certified translations of corporate documents, but also regular... ” read more

RNDr. Ondřej Holeňa

“We use the services of České překlady for the translations of press releases from renowned foreign press agencies published by the Czech News Agency. This means 60 to 80 English... ” read more

Hana Paličková, MBA
Sales officer

“What we value the most when it comes to working with České překlady is the flexibility. We often need translations of very brief texts within a very short amount of time. The... ” read more

Eva Čondlová
Business Manager

“We have been working with České překlady since 2013. The agency provides translation and interpreting services for us in many different language combinations, including... ” read more

Jana Rennerová
Management Assistant

“České překlady has been our translation and interpreting subcontractor for over 11 years. During this impressive period of time, we have never had a client who was dissatisfied... ” read more

Pavla Elsnerová
Product Coordinator

“I am very glad that we use České překlady’s translation services. I appreciate their professionalism, reliability and speed. The translations always meet our requirements. The... ” read more

Tereza Sopková
Head of Reception

“Although there is certainly no shortage of translation companies currently on the market, it isn’t easy to find a supplier who can also handle specialist technical terminology.... ” read more

Ing. Milan Dvořák
Division Manager

“Over the course of our long-term cooperation, České překlady has always provided us with professional services. The firm has often been particularly helpful with express... ” read more

Veronika Dvořáková
Marketing Manager | Kerr CZ/SK/HU

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