What is the WPML plugin
and how can you use it for your website?

WPML is a plugin that has made over a million websites multilingual. It is powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple enough for blogs. It is the most popular plugin for multilingual websites on WordPress, utilized by users worldwide.

The WPML plugin allows you to create multilingual websites that contain different language versions of the same content and to translate posts, pages, custom fields, widgets and other elements on your site.


How does WPML work?

After installing and activating the plugin, you can choose your desired language and start translating straight away. WPML supports more than 40 languages and offers the following basic and advanced features:


1. Manual translation

You can translate your content manually to ensure you get an exact copy in the target language. To do this, just click on the “Edit” button next to the content you wish to translate and select “Add translation”. As soon as you save it, the translated content will be displayed in the target language version of your website.



2. Translation by external translators/partners

This is the method that we recommend. It is the best option for projects that require accurate and high-quality translations by native speakers. A tutorial for exporting content to an external vendor or a translation agency directly from the administration interface can be found here.




3. Integration via API

Automation improves the quality and efficiency of the translation process. At České překlady, we work with Phrase, a cloud-based translation management platform offering a wide range of features. This tool can significantly reduce translation costs – for example, by detecting repetitive texts and creating translation memories. If we establish long-term cooperation, we can connect your website to Phrase, which will speed up the translation process. 


You can then quickly and easily publish the translated content on your website.


Benefits of using WPML

  1. One of the greatest advantages is the increased reach of your website among foreign audiences. Translating your content into other languages will help you win new customers and expand your markets. Your customers will be able to explore your site in their native languages. This will enable them to better understand your products and services, while also increasing your visitor engagement and your brand loyalty.


  2. Another undeniable advantage of WPML is that it allows for the easy management of multilingual content. You can create and manage different language versions of content without the need to create separate websites. Having all your content in one place saves you time.


  3. WPML also offers advanced language management options, such as automatically redirecting users to the correct language, displaying language flags or language selection menus, and the option to set different language versions for different parts of your site. These features help you easily manage and optimize your website for multiple languages.


WPML is a very useful paid plugin that can help you increase the reach of your website and gain new customers. We are happy to be its official partner.


If you do not yet have it, you can download it by clicking the link below.
WPML offers a 30-day trial, during which you can decide whether you want to continue
using it or not.

WPML plugin.

To link your WPML to České překlady, please follow these instructions.



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