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Annual reports represent a specific domain of translation services.

They are especially, so to speak, “seasonal goods” – the demand regularly arrives as financial statements are published, mostly in late winter and early spring.

From the perspective of translators, annual reports represent a specific type of text which requires a thorough understanding of accounting and financial principles and terminology; this also makes it absolutely essential to use one of the so-called translation technology tools, as large parts of the texts involved are repetitive and change very little, if at all.

Just as in the previous two years, this year we once again received an enquiry for the translation of an annual report from one of our major clients, innogy Česká republika a.s.

Innogy partner


Innogy is the leader in the Czech Republic among natural gas suppliers for households and companies. In addition to the supply of gas, electricity and heat, innogy offers a range of modern energy services and products, and focuses on innovation, long-term sustainability, energy efficiency and clean mobility.



We received the source text in InDesign’s .idml format, with a request to return the completed translation in the same format. As always, there was a need for a high-quality translation and consistent terminology. At the same time, the customer expected a reasonable price quote, reflecting the fact that we’d be translating the company’s third annual report in a row.


How did we do?

Thanks to the fact that we work with Phrase, an advanced and sophisticated platform for language service providers, we were perfectly able to work with the client’s source file generated by InDesign, without having to resort to converting to other formats. This saved us time and eliminated the risk of errors that can result from the subsequent manual processing of a completed translation back to the required file format. If you also work with less common file formats and wonder how we can meet your needs in this regard, please have a look here.

I want to know the price of the
translation of annual report now.

An analysis of the text confirmed what we expected: compared to the previous annual reports translated for the client in the last two years, considerable parts of the text repeat or have a minimum of changes. And because we store all translated texts in our translation memories for their future reuse, we were able to offer the client a significantly shorter delivery time and maximum consistency in terms of the sentence structure and terminology used – not only within the translated document itself, but also in relation to similar documents from previous years.



And because money is naturally a top priority, the cost savings were important. For better clarity, let’s have a look at the exact numbers for the past three years:

2017 annual report: A total of 99,110 words. Of this we charged for 85,449 words. The customer saved 14% on repetitive text.
2018 annual report
: A total of 101,435 words. Of this we charged for 83,952 words. The customer saved 18% on repetitive text.
2019 annual report
: A total of 100,107 words. Of this we charged for 75,333 words. The customer saved 25% on repetitive text.




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