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Read Aloud in Microsoft Word

Tired of reading texts after yourself? Why not use “Read Aloud” in MS Word? Do you work with text and stare at your screen for at least ten hours a day? Do you feel that you can see letters all around you? Save your eyesight and have your text read aloud to you by MS […]

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Animal speech, or an attempt at an interspecies translation

It’s almost unbelievable how many foreign languages we can translate. Even for the most exotic language combinations, it is usually possible to find someone who understands and can even translate the foreign languages. Geographic distances in the modern world mean nothing, and people are able to communicate with one another as if they grew up in the same village.

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Slovak translations

What you need to know when ordering Slovak translations What is Slovak? This week we’re going to take a trip across our Eastern border and take a look at Slovak. It may not one of the world’s most famous languages, but it’s one that’s definitely not to be overlooked, as its spoken by 5.6 million […]

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You’ve heard of Czech. But have you ever heard of Interslavic?!

Us Slavic language speakers often forget just how lucky we are. If you speak one Slavic language, you can pretty much make ourselves understood in the whole of Eastern Europe. There are some big differences (any Pole looking for a drink here in Prague will be able to vouch for that). But our languages are […]

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10 ways to piss off a Czech

This morning we had a bit of fun in the office. We had a read through some blogs written by people who’ve visited the Czech Republic, about what they thought about us Czechs. Some of the things they mentioned were quite funny, but if we’re being honest it’s probably best if you don’t bring them […]

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Govoriš li hrvatski? If not, here’s everything you need to know about Croatian.

Croatia has to be the favourite seaside holiday destination for Czechs. As soon as the school year ends, you’ll see bus/carloads of Czech tourists heading south, socks and sandals at the ready (just kidding, we’re not all that bad!). Joking aside, we Czechs can get by speaking Czech in Croatia. But how much do we […]

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Can you really forget your native language? Does language attrition really exist?

Learning languages is fun, especially if you’re a bit of a language nerd 🙂 It can be quite frustrating, though because if you don’t use a language you can easily forget it. As was Mother Language Day yesterday, we started talking in the office about if it’s really possible to forget your native language? And […]

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We promised you an article on Czech and Slovak…so here you go :)

Earlier in the week we told you a bit about the history of Czechoslovakia and promised you an article on our languages. Even though we’re no longer one country, one of the reasons we’ve still got such a strong bond is thanks to our two languages. How similar are Czech and Slovak? Czech and Slovak […]

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Is “an bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas” the only Irish you’ll ever need?

If you know the Irish and the Czechs, you’ll know one of the many things we have in common is our love of something called alcohol. So, it’s no surprise that this “wonderful” idea of testing how far you’ll get in Dublin by speaking in Irish came up over a pionta beoir (a pint). You […]

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