Translations of e-shops

We will provide you with a fully automated translation of your e-shop.
We export the texts for translation directly from the administration and automatically import them back so that you find the process as simple as possible. This makes it easy to get the texts onto the translator’s desk without the need for manual copying or transferring. We can also set up an automated procedure
for the subsequent updates of your e-shop content.

How the automated e-shop translation process works 

  • Using a plugin we connect our translation studio directly to your e-shop administration
  • When you change the content of the main language of the e-shop, we will automatically receive an e-mail notification. Each notification is then handled according to agreed and defined rules (translation once a day, once a week, once a month, …)
  • The translation takes place in our translation studio, with all the known benefits (discounts on repetitions, glossary, etc.) 
  • The completed translation is automatically imported back into the e-shop

Our technology helps us translate everything, from plain text to HTML code. We will translate:

  • All metadata (page titles, meta descriptions, alternative descriptions, etc.), URL
  • Product description, including identifiers
  • Terms and Conditions, customer data handling policies (GDPR) and other business and legal documents
  • Other marketing documents (blogs, text messages, notifications, e-mailing campaigns, etc.)

Who will translate your texts?

Even though the translation process is automated to a considerable extent, please do not mistake it with machine translation.
The translations of your e-shop texts, including proofreading, are done by human translators with experience in your industry and expertise in the terminology, as well as native speakers who fine tune the translations into a perfectly natural, readable and attractive form.
We apply strict criteria to the selection of the translators and proofreaders we work with.

Automation saves you
time and money 

The more we translate for you, the larger your translation memory eventually gets. Translation memory is a database of all previously translated texts which we create and manage for you automatically and always free of charge. It helps us translate faster, more efficiently and at lower costs.

Do you find our automated process too complex?

We can also translate your source files.
We are able to process up to 50 different source formats, such as .xlsx, .docx, .csv., .xliff, .xml, .html, .php, .po and many others.
Send us your content in any format and we will handle it.

Case study

Lingerie e-shop in five languages

In the past three years, we have translated more than 170,000 words of our website and e-shop into Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Slovenian. The translations delivered to our client included proofreading by native speakers, and all translations were paired with the corresponding product identification code. The texts we produced were used without the need for any additional editing.

Read the case study
„It was not easy to find a translation service provider that could meet our high demands for both quality and quantity of the translated texts. České překlady managed perfectly, and currently, they translate professional texts into many languages for us, always with excellent quality and by the agreed deadlines. They are an important business partner for us and we can always rely on them.“
Marie Kovaříková Translations Coordinator
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