Translation and localisation of e-shop into 5 languages

For underwear retailer Trenýrká, we have localised their website and e-shop (more than 170,000 words) over the past three years. The texts have been translated
into Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, and Slovenian


Trenýrká is the largest Czech e-shop offering men’s underwear and a wide range of women’s underwear, with a selection of more than 70 Czech and international brands.



The translations included proofreading by native speakers and also the localisation of phone numbers, website addresses, and e-mails according to the customer’s requirements. One of the challenges was to keep the required length of text messages, which various e-shop outlets imported. Product descriptions and meta data, which are crucial for a well-organised business strategy, were also included in the texts for translation. The source text files were provided in .xlsx, .docx formats and also directly in .html or .php. The completed translations were then delivered in the same formats.


Technically, it was necessary to fully preserve the structure of the exported files – the product descriptions were identified by a number and the same number had to be assigned to the translated descriptions, so that they would be imported to the correct locations in the e-shop. As regards the source files, there were a large number of documents in many folders and subfolders, the hierarchy of which had to be kept even as the translations were completed and exported. It was also necessary to preserve the format of both the .html and .php files – to identify texts in identifiers (e.g. {, #, ‘ = etc.) that are non-translatable and need to be kept unchanged. We managed to do exactly what was required.



Lukáš Adámek, Marketing Director

I am happy that České překlady has become our reliable provider of translation services for the localisation of our website. I was satisfied both with the delivery times and with the professional and friendly approach of the sales and project management team members.



Though the initial project was completed, we continue to work with the client to improve the technical aspects of the translation management process, specifically the linking of platforms so that the final solution is as simple as possible for subsequent website maintenance.


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