Translation memory and glossary

Translation memory

  • A translation memory is basically a database of texts and their translations.
  • We’ll automatically create and manage your translation memory free of charge.
  • Using a translation memory makes sure that our translations remain consistent over time, even if we have to use different translators.
  • Translation memories work by remembering the text that’s already been translated so it doesn’t have to be translated again. This means that we can offer pretty good discounts on texts that contain repeated sections, and we can also guarantee shorter turnaround times.


  • A glossary is a file that contains both approved and forbidden translations of specific terms and phrases. They go hand-in-hand with translation memories to ensure that translators only use your approved terminology.
  • Glossaries are a standard part of our service. That means that we will create and manage your glossary for you free of charge.

How does using a translation memory and glossary help?

  • We can give you discounts on repeated text.
  • They’ll make sure your terminology is consistent. We’ll sit down with you and help you create a list of approved and banned words/phrases.
  • If you have a translation that you need back fast, we can put together teams of translators who can work together in real-time. Translation memories and glossaries help keep everything consistent.

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