Translation memory and glossary

Translation memory

  • A translation memory is a database of original texts and their translations.
  • We automatically create and manage a translation memory for each client free of charge.
  • This ensures that our translations remain consistent over time, even when different translators are involved.
  • Ensures the efficient use of previously translated texts.
  • Brings considerable discounts for repeated texts.
  • Translations can be delivered within significantly tighter deadlines.



  • In combination with a translation memory, the use of a glossary leads to uniform terminology in all translations.
  • We automatically create and manage glossaries for each client
    free of charge.
  • Allows for the determination of which terms are recommended and which terms should be avoided.
  • Higher quality translations at no extra cost.
  • Saves time.
  • Glossaries help businesses to map their essential internal terminology (product names, job titles, etc.).

The use of a translation memory and glossary guarantees:

  • Significant discounts on repeated content. Repeated text is only translated once.
  • Consistent terminology. We liaise with our clients to define their preferred and forbidden terminology.
  • When translating large documents with short delivery times, several translators share translation memories and glossaries in real time.