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One needn’t explain why having a quality website is an important asset. And if you want your products and services to have a truly global reach, it is an absolute must for you to have quality and professional translation for your website. Your company will gain global visibility and you will be able to communicate with customers who you would not be able to address with a website only in Czech .


Quality translations of your website into other languages (English, German, Spanish, French or Russian) also help you present yourself as a business open to the world and are an important part of your image. They may also be a breakthrough in the development of your company and help its expansion into international markets.



If you decide to have your website translated by České překlady, you can choose the form that suits you best:



You can copy the original text from your website and send it to us in a text editor (such as MS Word) or a spreadsheet (such as MS Excel). However, this method is quite demanding and susceptible to error.


You can ask your website admin to provide your website’s source files in HTML, XML, PHP, ASP, FLA, etc. We will translate these using our CAT tool and send the files back in exactly the same format. This is a much less difficult process but still requires the data to be exported and imported manually.


Using a CMS connector, you can link your content management system with our CAT tool – Memsource – thanks to which you will be able to order translations literally with one click. As a bonus, you can stop worrying about ordering regular updates of your website content, as the connector will take care of this for you. Everything will be translated without delays, thanks to a system of automatic notifications. Do you need help? Please let us know if you are seeking advice.



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