website translations

What is the WPML plugin
and how can you use it for your website?

WPML is a plugin that has made over a million websites multilingual. It is powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple enough for blogs. It is the most popular plugin for multilingual websites on WordPress, utilized by users worldwide.

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České překlady Announces
Partnership with WPML

As part of our official partnership with WPML, we will be happy to guide you through the entire process of translating your website in WordPress, delivering a perfect result. We’ll take care of the technical details without burdening you with any additional tasks.

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Translate Your WordPress Site with WPML

WPML is the plugin that makes over a million WordPress sites multilingual. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple enough for blogs. To better serve our customers, České překlady has partnered with WPML to offer a seamless, integrated translation service for WordPress websites, via their Multilingual Plugin.

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Translation and localisation of e-shop into 5 languages

For underwear retailer Trenýrká, we have localised their website and e-shop (more than 170,000 words) over the past three years. The texts have been translated into Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, and Slovenian.

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Translating website content using
a CMS connector

For an extremely successful Czech technology start-up, Memsource, we regularly translate updates to the website and blog from English into German, as well as text strings for the Memsource app, including the UI of the Memsource web and mobile app, from English into fourteen European and Asian languages.

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