Express fee, you decide

You must have gone through this before, too.

You arrive at the party and there is a jukebox playing music in the corner. You have come close to selecting your favourite song, only to find that you will have to wait for an hour before you can hear it – there is a long queue of songs selected by others before you.


But then you noticed an icon that offers the option to “skip the queue” and take immediate action for an extra fee. This is an ideal solution for you! We use similar approach, but with a slightly different rhythm. We need to charge fees for express translations.


You probably know that we normally translate 10 pages of text per working day, i.e. 30 pages in three working days. However, if you are pressed for time and need your translation delivered earlier, we will give your job immediate priority, charge you an express fee and complete the translation much faster, perhaps within a few hours.

I would like to find out the price
for express translation.

While “skipping the queue” is a purely jukebox affair, working on an express translation must be a symphony under the baton of a project manager who directs it like a conductor.

He or she assigns roles in the team, solves the repertoire and the choice of instruments, makes sure that everything fits together and that the whole is harmonious. If you need your translation by the second or third working day, the orchestra of our translators starts their work immediately after your purchase order is confirmed. 


If this is your first project, we will set up a glossary; if we have already done some work for you in the past, we will follow your terminology to make sure that the translations are as consistent as possible. We will constantly add new terms to the glossary. The glossary is like our sheet music. Every one of our translators has it on his or her desk, because it ensures that the whole team plays in unison until the final note.


Thanks to the fact that we use state-of-the-art tools, we can boast 19 successful years in which we have developed into one of the most sought-after language service providers in the Czech Republic. Most of our clients become our loyal partners and we always have in mind that we want to provide them with the best possible quality.



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