České překlady now offers electronic certified translations!

Czech ProofreadingLegislators have listened to our long-standing wishes and have enacted the possibility to deliver certified translations electronically, effective from 1 January 2021.

An electronic certified translation is composed just like a traditional paper certified translation: it consists of the original text, the translation and the translator’s endorsement clause, and it is a fully-fledged digital alternative.

How does an electronic certified translation differ from a traditional certified translation?


  • It doesn’t have the typical seal
    Instead of a seal, the electronic version of the certified translation contains a translator’s qualified electronic signature and the so-called time stamp.


  • The validity is (un)limited.
    The validity of the translation is based on the validity of the electronic time stamp, which is 5 years from the date of the translation. If you need to extend the translation’s validity, you can have the same translator affix a new time stamp to the translation before the expiration of the time limit and can then continue to use the translation.


  • The translation can be sent by e-mail.
    You will receive the translation from us by e-mail in a PDF/A format, which can be opened in any PDF browser. 

I want to know the price
for a certified translation.

  • It cannot be apostilled.
    Electronic certified translations cannot be apostilled – only printed documents can be apostilled in the Czech Republic at the moment. So, before you decide to go for an electronic certified translation, please check whether your document needs a higher level of authentication (for use internationally).


  • It must be done by only one translator.
    The translation can only be certified by one electronic signature. This means that for documents with multiple source languages, you need to use a translator qualified in all the language combinations, or translate the document from each language separately. If you need a translation from one foreign language to another foreign language, e.g. from Russian into German, you will receive two translations from us: RU>CS and CS>DE.


Electronic certified translations have many advantages, but before you opt for them, make sure the recipient accepts digital translations. If you find this out only after the translation has been delivered, there is no need to panic! You can take your electronic certified translation to any branch of Czech Post and have it converted to a standard paper document. You can find more details here, or you can feel free to contact our project managers with any questions.


We are gradually expanding our portfolio of language combinations in which we offer electronic certified translations, and we’re building a strong team of suitable translators for this purpose. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries. Our project management team are doing their best to ensure that we can offer the language combination you need.


If you have any questions about electronic certified translations,
please give us a call. We’ll be happy to help!



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