Translation of Product Texts according to EU Legislation

In 2019, we were approached by Dibaq,
a specialist in animal nutrition, with a question about how to best ensure that the English translations of their product texts were fully compliant with official technical terminology that meets all the requirements of the EU Parliament, the Council, and the European Commission.


This company, which is based just outside the Orlické or Eagle Mountains, now has about 200 employees; it develops, produces, and distributes nutritional products for animals. Moreover, it was the first producer in the Czech Republic to use technology that allows the use of fresh meat.


Thanks to this, they export their products with premium quality nutrients not only to other European countries, but also to Vietnam and the Middle East. Therefore, the translation of the product texts used, for example, on labels and in e-shops, must meet all the requirements of international legislation.


When the client approached us with this request, we listened to their needs and expectations, discussed it internally, and offered them a comprehensive solution. From the specific European regulations provided to us, we extracted more than 1,000 technical terms in the Czech-English language combination and processed them into a terminology glossary in our translation studio. By creating a list of the most commonly used terms, we built a stable base that is a long-term guarantee of the consistency of every professional translation that this customer orders from us.


Anežka Petrů, Marketing Manager

We regularly need quality translations into more than twenty languages, with tight delivery deadlines. What we appreciate about České překlady
in particular is the fact that they have helped us build a glossary, which they use for our translations, and which they regularly update based on our feedback. We are also very satisfied with the translation speed they offer and with their prompt communication. If you are looking for a reliable translation service provider within easy reach, you can never go wrong
with České překlady.


Are you also looking for ways to improve the consistency of your terminology within translations? Send us an e-mail or give us a call. Together, we will find the best solution for your needs.

If you’d like to learn more about the method of creating a terminology glossary,
you can find more about this topic in our blog post.



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