What to do when there is no certified translator
for your language

Is there no translator in the Czech Republic for your certified translation? This can definitely happen.

For some of the less common foreign languages, there is no certified translator in the Czech Republic.

We will advise you on what to do in such a case.

In the Czech Republic, there are certified translators for most foreign languages; however, there are also less common language combinations for which there is only one translator. There are also languages such as Kazakh and Hindi which do not have a certified translator at all.


How do I ensure a certified translation if there is no certified translator for “my language” in the Czech Republic?

In such a case, we suggest the following: Call the embassy or consulate of the country in question for information on how to proceed. Alternatively, they can provide you with a certified translator themselves.


Our client contacted us with a request for a certified translation of a document from Hindi into Czech. Currently, there is no certified translator of Hindi in the Czech Republic, and that is why we referred her to the embassy, which had the document translated from Hindi into English. We then took care of the certified translation from English into Czech.

In general, if there are no suitable certified translators in the Czech Republic, the embassy is usually able to help. For example, by arranging a certified translation in the country in question into one of the major languages. In some unique cases, the embassy may “verify” a simple translation.


How is a certified translation done, and what does it look like?

A certified translation is always bound to the source document and the translator’s endorsement. The endorsement is then signed and stamped by the certified interpreter.

The translation can be bound with the original, a notarised copy, or a plain copy. It always depends on what the recipient of the translation requires from you. It is usually a state institution.


What is a translator’s endorsement?

It is a certificate of translation done by a certified translator appointed by a competent regional court or by the Ministry of the Interior. The endorsement confirms that the certified translation is a true translation of the original document.

The translator’s endorsement contains all the details required by law and bears a number generated by the electronic register where the certified translator records their translations.


What does the translation seal look like?

The seal of a certified translator is round and has a diameter of 36 mm. In the centre of the circle is the small national emblem. Around the perimeter is the name of the translator, including any academic titles, and the designation “certified translator”. The seal also has the languages from/into which the certified translator translates.

The translator’s surname is always written in capital letters. The seal imprint is monochrome, usually of a blue or purple colour.



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