certified translation

What to do when there is no certified translator
for your language

For some of the less common foreign languages, there is no certified translator in the Czech Republic. We will advise you on what to do in such a case. In the Czech Republic, there are certified translators for most foreign languages; however, there are also less common language combinations for which there is only one translator.

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České překlady now offers
electronic certified translations!

An electronic certified translation is composed just like a traditional paper certified translation: it consists of the original text, the translation and the translator’s endorsement clause, and it is a fully-fledged digital alternative.

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Nearly 3,000 translation projects for the largest Czech law firm

As of November 2022, we had delivered more than 5,200 pages of certified translations and more than 12,000 pages of specialized translations in the English-Czech and Czech-English combinations. Law firms often request express-delivery translations of rather long foreign language texts.

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Sworn Translation

A sworn translation produced by a court-appointed interpreter* attests that the translation is faithful to the source document. A printed copy of such a translation is firmly attached to the source document and the two are accompanied by the interpreter’s endorsement clause bearing the interpreter’s signature and seal.

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Court certified translations

Unlike normal translations which are charged per word, certified translations are charged per page. If you have any further questions we’ll be happy to help!

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