We’re proud to be a supporting member of Translators Without Borders. Here’s what they do.

If you read our blog post last week about GALA, you would’ve seen that we had a lot of fun taking part in the Trim, Tint or Tattoo fundraiser to raise money for Translators Without Borders. On top of sacrificing our hair, we’re super proud to have become one of their supporting members.

In case you missed it, what happened during GALA?

Andrew from Euro-com organized a fundraiser to raise money for TWB. He really did do an amazing job. Sarah dyed her hair pink, along with Ivana from ACP Traductera. Josef from Memsource waxed his legs (ouch!), and Kyle and Roger from ZELENKA shaved off their beards (there were lot’s of Czech’s involved weren’t there!). You could feel the tension as Grant from XTM and Andrew got sheared, and we couldn’t forget Vilu and Jesper who also dyed their hair. Some of the other attendees also got beautiful henna tattoos.

Who are Translators Without Borders? And what do they do?

Translators Without Borders is a non-profit organization which was set up to provide translation services for humanitarian non-profits. When disasters happen, it’s vital that information gets to the right people, and most importantly in the right language.

Where have Translators Without Borders helped?

During the e-bola crisis it was vital that local communities got health care information in their native languages. As the 3 main effected countries speak over 90 languages, they needed to work quickly to get the necessary health care information to everyone, to save as many lives as possible. Just imagine trying to do a rush project into 90 different languages, where resources are extremely limited.

In 2015, just after the earthquake in Nepal happened, TWB took to social media to help reach those in danger. Volunteers managed to translate 500 terms into Nepali and tweet them so people knew what to do to stay safe.

Now TWB and teams of volunteer translators are busy working with refugees to help those arriving to Europe.

How to get involved

We think Translators Without Borders do an amazing job, so if you can do try and help. If you’d like to get involved, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities. You could also support events like the one at GALA, or become one of their partners.



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