Major Translation Project – Annual Report

Thanks to software support and to our proficiency in Memsource, we are able to deliver large translation projects in record time.

If a customer needs a quick delivery time, the translation tasks are divided up among several translators.

In this case, we worked on the translation of the Annual Report of the Regional Council of the Central Moravia Cohesion Region , covering more than 60 pages, which the customer requested to be delivered over the course of a weekend.

I want to know the price
of the translation of an annual report.

How can we make sure that individual translators are duly synchronized and that the output becomes a homogeneous text?

We divided up the project between two translators, both working with Memsource. As the first step, we created a translation memory from previously translated texts and reference resources provided by the customer (using the so-called “alignment process” – the pairing of texts in Czech and the target language to build a translation memory). This was followed by the creation of a glossary. Here again, Memsource helps considerably – it features a terminology extraction function, using selected criteria to search through the source text and create a list of the most frequently used terms and phrases. This list of term candidates then serves for the creation of a glossary used by the team of translators, to guarantee unified terminology.


If the text needs to be divided among several translators, all translators work on one project, with the same translation memory. They can see the translations of other team members in real time, communicate with each other, and coordinate their efforts. We are thus able to guarantee 100% terminology consistency for large-scale projects processed in record time.


Our company is a pioneer in the use of the best technologies to support the translation process (so-called CAT – computer assisted translation). We regularly train our translators in the use of CAT tools, provide them with technical support, and are truly consistent in the use of these tools. We use Memsource and other CAT tools for translations into English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, and many other languages.


Author: Václav Baláček



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