case study

Discount on repeating texts in practice

The state-of-the-art technology we use for our translation work, which includes a glossary containing around 3,000 technical terms, has saved the client about a third of the costs so far. We have translated about 1.5 million words for them for free. That’s not too bad, isn’t it? 

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Translation of Product Texts according to EU Legislation

In 2019, we were approached by Dibaq, a specialist in animal nutrition, with a question about how to best ensure that the English translations of their product texts were fully compliant with official technical terminology that meets all the requirements of the EU Parliament, the Council, and the European Commission.

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Major Translation Project – Annual Report

In this case, we worked on the translation of the Annual Report of the Regional Council of the Central Moravia Cohesion Region , covering more than 60 pages, which the customer requested to be delivered over the course of a weekend.

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Translations of Annual Reports –
Translate More, Pay Less

Annual reports represent a specific domain of translation services. They are especially, so to speak, “seasonal goods” – the demand regularly arrives as financial statements are published, mostly in late winter and early spring. From the perspective of translators, annual reports represent a specific type of text which requires a thorough understanding of accounting and financial principles and terminology.

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