Working From Home

The world is rapidly changing, and new situations, such as the current outbreak of the new coronavirus, bring unexpected challenges to all of us. At times like this, being able to adapt is key, and we believe that we’ve succeeded in doing so.

As the coronavirus pandemic hit hard, we supported our personnel and allowed them to work fully from their homes.

Some of us were a bit worried about what it would be like to work from our studies or living rooms, behind closed doors, with the ever-audible commotion of our arguing children, who are permanently both bored and hungry. Others welcomed this opportunity with enthusiasm, looking forward to both working in comfortable clothing or even pajamas and to dealing with their customers’ needs from the quiet of their homes, while fitting in breaks to do some relaxing yoga. Either way, the health and safety of our employees comes first, so we all gradually retreated to our homes.


After a few weeks of the entire company working from home, we can report that we are doing well. With regards to project management, we have encountered neither technical nor operational problems.
We are even able to provide our customers with certified translations, which require a physical handover.


Our sales team also continues working hard, and they commend our customers for remaining in good spirits and for communicating openly even in these difficult times. We use videoconferencing tools, e-mail, and the telephone to keep in constant touch within the team, as well as with our customers, external translators, interpreters, and other team members.


We don’t use these remote communication tools merely for business meetings, but also for things such as e-celebrations of our team members’ birthdays and Friday afternoon coffee and chat meetings. We also often share photos depicting the reality of our home offices, jokes, and interesting articles about the current situation. We certainly can’t wait to gather together again in the office, when we’ll be able to see each other in the flesh and enjoy such things as the smell of a colleague’s new perfume. These experiences are just not something that online tools can ever provide.


In short, we are working hard and are ready to meet all of our customers’ requirements.
So don’t be afraid to contact us – we are here for you!


Author: Irena Šotková



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