Can I order your services by e-mail?


Can I order your services by e-mail?

Do you guarantee the confidentiality of information even if we haven’t signed a non-disclosure agreement?

Do you check your translations before sending them to the client?

When is pre-press proofing used?

When do translations need to be proofread by a native speaker?

What is simultaneous interpreting?

What is consecutive interpreting?

What is court interpreting?

What is interpretation equipment?

Why do you charge by the number of words in the original text?

How quickly can you deliver a translation?

Which file formats do you accept for translations?

Should I provide any supplementary materials in addition to the original text?

What are certified translations and when do I need one?

If I need a certified translation, should I give you the original document or a certified copy?

If I need a certified translation, does the document require an apostille?

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