What is a QA check and how is it done?

Quality Assurance (QA) is a set of checks focusing on the accuracy of a translation.
Our translation tool is able to compare the translation with the original text and detect any potential inconsistencies in, for example, the following sub-aspects:


  • Text formatting – the original is in bold, but the translation is not.
  • Numbers – the original contains numeral 2, but there is no numeral 2 in the translation.
  • Terminology – the glossary contains the term “contract” but the tool does not detect this term in the translation.
  • Text length – the translation should not be longer than 50 characters, but it is actually longer.
  • Consistency – the same original is translated in two different ways.
  • Spelling – possible errors are marked.


There are about 40 of these checks in total.
These are not necessarily errors; the tool simply warns the translator of what it considers problematic, and it is then up to the translator to review the warnings, and make corrections where applicable.