How to export content for translation in WordPress using WPML?

Does your website or e-shop run on WordPress? Do you need to export texts in order to have them translated?

The instructions below will show you how to do this in 2 minutes using the WPML plugin.

1. In the WordPress menu on the left, choose interface WPML and click on the Translation Management tab.


2. You can use a filter to select the content for translation.


3. Tick off the content (01) you want to translate. Click on Translate (02) and then Add to Translation Basket.


4. Now, the content for translation has been moved under the Translation Basket tab.


5. Inside the Translation Basket under Translator (01), choose your name in the pop-up menu and click on Send all items for translation (02).

Did you know that you can send us documents for translation directly via the WPML interface, with no need to send e-mails? See an official documentation for a step-by-step guide.


6. Now choose Translations at the bottom left of your WPML page.


7. Under Translations tick (01) the posts for translation and export them as .xliff files (02).


8. Export ideally in XLIFF version 1.2. The default export version can be selected under WPML/Settings. Send the .xliff files to the translator via e-mail.


9. After the translator sends the translated texts back, tick the translated parts (01), choose the translations (02), and upload them by clicking Import.




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  • We can also help you with various technical issues that may occur during the process of ordering translations.
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