Technical translations

Manuals, technical documentation, standards… we have translated thousands of them.
For engineers, electricians, the arms industry, farmers, and more.


We offer technical translations of the highest quality. Because we have specialized, expert translators for all types of texts. Creating clear instructions for an appliance or translating technical drawings for a production operator is exactly the job for us. Why?

We will select a linguist
with expertise in your field

Thanks to our strong and extensive database of translators, we always know just who to reach out to. We are well aware of how important it is to get a technical translation factually correct, so we guarantee that we will choose a translator with the necessary specialization and expertise.

We can translate almost any file format or graphic design

We are able to process up to 50 different file types (including .xlsx, .docx, .csv., .xliff, .xml, .html, .php, .po, and others), but we prefer to work directly with source or exported files.

The reason is simple: the resulting translation is graphically identical to the source document. Plus, working directly with original file formats makes everything faster and easier. Whatever you submit for translation will be delivered back to you in the same format.

We work with a terminological memory and a glossary

Rest assured that we will never translate the same word or phrase differently 3 times, even if you ask us to translate different documents at different times. In addition, we will make sure that your defined terminology is used in your translations. If you do not have a glossary, we will be happy to set one up for you so that every future translation is terminologically consistent with any previous ones.

Typical examples of technical translations 

  • Technical guides
  • User manuals
  • Technical manuals
  • Technical drawings
  • Audit reports
  • Technical standards
  • Technical reports
  • Operating manuals
  • Technological procedures
  • Technical specifications
  • Catalogues
  • Technical documentation

Fair pricing with no unpleasant surprises

Technical texts tend to be quite repetitive. We therefore charge identical sections of text at a discounted rate; this means that the more projects you have translated, the more money you save. Remember: You will be informed of the final price before you place your purchase order.

We will be happy to translate your texts into a collection of target languages simultaneously

Our clients largely approach us with requests for technical translations from German and the translations of technical English. We can also translate technical texts for you from and into Russian, Polish, French, Romanian, Spanish, Hungarian, and many other languages. We translate in all language combinations – whether or not Czech is part of the language pair. We can also translate into several languages at once. We will be happy to become your sole supplier for all world languages.

Case study

Millions of Czech crowns saved thanks to translation memory

We have been providing technical translations for the Engineering Test Institute (SZU) since 2005. Thanks to the intensity of our cooperation, this customer’s translation memory is constantly expanding, and the larger it gets, the cheaper future orders become.

Read the case study
„When working with our customers, the Engineering Test Institute always emphasizes tradition, quality, and professionalism. We see our partnership with České překlady through the same prism. This is proven by hundreds of high-quality translations, thousands of pages of text translated from and into many foreign languages, and numerous years of cooperation.“
Michal Dvořáček International Cooperation Manager
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One-off project

This is most likely a one-off translation project. If you are seeking a long-term partner, please contact our specialists.

Long-term partnership

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