English – Czech translations

Why is it so important to have your translations from Czech and English done by professionals?


Czech is one of the most complex languages in the world. It is a very rich language with many words and phrases that do not exist in English at all, and it is therefore very easy to get lost in translation.
In addition, because of its complex grammar, online translators are not as reliable with Czech as they are in combinations with French or German. It is therefore best to have your translations between Czech and English done by experts.


I will probably need a professional Czech or English translation. What documents or types of texts can you help me with?

We can translate more or less any type of document from any domain. To give you some examples, these are some of the types of texts we often work with:

  • Marketing
  • Technical texts
  • Legal texts
  • Websites
  • Certified translations
  • and more…


Will my Czech and English translations be of the quality I expect?

Our company was founded by a team of translators with a true passion for quality translations. Although we are now one of the largest translation agencies in the country, the company owners are still involved in our day-to-day operation. All Czech-English translations are strictly checked to meet our high quality criteria. In addition to the translation and a routine check, the price you pay also includes an internal check and a special QA (quality assurance) check done by a project manager before the final delivery.


Are you able to provide Czech and English translations of top quality even with short delivery times?

Of course! We are used to working against the clock and thanks to our best practices we are able to deliver translations as quickly as you need them, without compromising quality. We are able to build teams of translators and with the use of advanced technology the process of translating between Czech and English is as efficient as it can possibly be. We can provide you with an automatic quote calculator and project management services. We also have CMS connectors with which it is possible to automate the extraction of texts for translation directly from your content management system. When the work is done, the translations will be sent back to where they belong, naturally under your full control. Click here for more details about the technologies we use.


What references for previous translation jobs done between Czech and English can you provide?

If you would like to see who some of the customers using our translation services are, please check the references section. You will see that there are some big names among them.

I want to give it a try 

This sounds great! How can I place an order for a Czech-English (or Czech-German) translation?

In order to get a quote, send us your text at zakazky@ceskepreklady.cz and you will shortly be contacted by someone from our team. If you have any questions, please call us at +420 221 490 444; we will be happy to hear you!


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