Engineers have saved 25% thanks to discounts on repeated text

The Engineering Test Institute (SZU) has been active across the world, operating either directly or through their partners.

We most often translate technical reports into English, German and Russian for them.
After 18 years of cooperation, the Institute’s glossary contains over 1,300 terms. 


The Engineering Test Institute is an internationally respected provider of testing, training, inspection and certification services. It is a state-owned enterprise with headquarters in Brno and a second office in Jablonec nad Nisou.


In addition to conformity assessment, the company acts as a certification body for the certification of products, management systems and people. It is also an inspection and calibration laboratory and organizes various workshops and training programs.


The Engineering Test Institute helps manufacturers, importers and exporters with marketing their products and services.

High-quality translations make a significant contribution to the international promotion of our work,” says Michal Dvořáček, International Cooperation Manager. 




We have translated and proofread 9 million words for the Test Institute since 2005. This means over 4,400 jobs in 34 languages. In addition, thanks to our long-term cooperation and the discounts on repeated text, the Engineering Test Institute has saved some 25% on costs, i.e. several million Czech crowns. “In technical texts and safety data sheets, the degree of repetitiveness is quite high,” confirm project managers at České překlady. 


Do you need translations of technical texts but are not sure how to proceed?
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