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The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council certainly needs no introduction. It is already a legend, and in addition to true information about this legislation it is also shrouded in numerous half-truths and even complete nonsense. If you have a few hours to spare, you can read the whole regulation here in the original and form your own opinion.
But in the area of translation you don’t need to do anything, as we’ve already taken care of everything.


We’ve been carefully preparing for the GDPR since last summer. From the start of our preparations, we were pleased to learn that thanks to our strict compliance with ISO standards and National Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll., no great revolution awaits us. And yet, we’re not exactly taking the whole thing lightly. In line with recommendations from lawyers, we’ve already created several internal analyses of what data we process and for what purpose. We’ve identified and liquidated a whole set of data we can safely live without. We are able to satisfy your right to access, correct or erase, the right to be forgotten and even the right to file a complaint. We were technologically prepared for GDPR long before the regulation entered into force on 27 April 2016, and we’re actually already looking forward to 25 May 2018, when the law takes effect in all Member States?.


Translations on the subject of the GDPR have been a hot topic since the autumn of 2017. Dozens of customers have asked us to translate texts dealing with this issue. These were analyses of the current situation and recommendations by law firms, translations of internal directives of parent companies of large firms and other types of documents. Therefore, you’ll often find our translations when confirming your consent to the processing of personal data on the internet. We have a special designated translation memory and glossary for the GDPR topic, all in line with official translations. You can therefore be sure that if you entrust your GDPR translations to us, you won’t be making a mistake.


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