The newest member of the team is by no means a novice in the field of translation, interpreting and localisation

Foreign languages ​​have always fascinated me… and I have great respect for the work of those with a good command of a foreign language, who use it in their profession and, moreover, specialise in a specific field for translating and interpreting.

Because of my desire to work in this environment, my first steps after graduating from college were aimed at a translation company. In retrospect, I realise that I made the right decision, as I have spent an amazing 17 years in the business of translations, interpreting and localisation. I see it as a great gift that I’ve had the opportunity to work with many inspirational colleagues with a professional approach and an open mind. Whether they were superiors, subordinates, clients or vendors, the strong personal bonds, acquired knowledge and the chance to perceive the diversity of thought of individuals have brought meaning to my work and enriched me to this day.

Time, experience, the need to improve, to make work more productive and to develop my own creativity have shown that a focus on “just” standard translations is not enough for me or for clients. New translating tools appeared on the market (CAT – Computer Aided Translation), and when used thoughtfully and consistently, these are able to accurately meet demands on translation quality and effectiveness.

This vision and the need for a fresh start opened my eyes and the door to a technologically progressive translation agency – České překlady s.r.o.

In addition to exceptional linguists, České překlady also employs the CAT tools that have conquered the entire world. The company is not afraid to make maximum use of this unique software to meet the requirements of the most demanding translation projects and to maintain long-term customer satisfaction. On the other hand, the company is able to provide full technical support and a strong group of translators and staff.

I thank everyone who has supported me during the change and kept faith in me during the phases of my life.

Welcome to the world of


Author: Zuzana Dvouletá



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