We are strengthening vendor management

There is one thing that we are truly proud of here at České překlady, something that our clients are probably not aware of:  our relationship with our suppliers.

From the very beginning, when our team of translators was composed of friends, acquaintances and former classmates, up to today’s extensive database with people from the Americas to Japan, we have taken the same approach to our suppliers as to our clients. They have always been equally important to us, and we have treated them with the same respect. It was very clear to us that without great and highly skilled translators we would be of little use to you, our clients.

We take care of our suppliers in a wide range of ways, and we are currently undergoing reorganisation that will strengthen our department of vendor management, i.e. care for suppliers.


Why should this information be of interest to you?

After building a strong business reputation over the years, you can rely on the fact that if our translators are not answering the phone when other agencies call because they are busy or are taking time off, they will respond to us. When a particular job requires working late into the night, our translators meet the challenge. They know, among other things, that they will always be paid the contracted price on time, no exceptions.

We have an exceptionally strong team of motivated and loyal translators, thanks to whom we are a reliable supplier for our clients. We would therefore like to express our heartfelt gratitude to these people, because without them we wouldn’t exist.


Author: Alžběta Brilová



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