We also offer online interpreting

Part of our work naturally moved online during the Covid-19 pandemic. Business meetings, conferences, workshops…

Thanks to modern technology, we were able to interpret events of this type remotely. How did it go?

If you close your eyes, you may not really be able to tell the difference between online and live interpreting, as participants of the international expert workshop on architecture and urban planning organized in March 2021 by the City of Prague and the World Heritage Centre could confirm.

The event, officially titled “Integrating Urban Heritage in Urban Planning Processes,” was attended by more than 100 experts from various parts of the world, and we provided simultaneous interpretation from Czech into English and French, as well as from French into English.


Interpreting hub in the city centre

How did it all go? We set up an interpreting hub in the centre of Prague, where everything related to the workshop was projected onto a large screen – lectures, presentations, and discussions. The main requirement of the organizer was to make sure that the content of the workshop was accessible to everyone, i.e. English, French, and Czech speakers. As you know, simultaneous interpreting is the most difficult interpreting discipline because it requires maximum concentration. The content was simultaneously interpreted into several languages.


Six interpreters on a simultaneous interpreting mission

Our colleagues received the original audio via their headphones and translated it into three languages, so that each participant could choose the language they understood best. Our six interpreters translated in pairs and took turns after half an hour. Each pair worked with a different language combination.

The customer, who chose ZOOM as the videoconferencing platform, was in charge of the technical support of the online workshop, and we adapted to its parameters. Despite the complexity of the project, there were no complications whatsoever. In addition, we recorded the workshop at the customer’s request.  


Online interpreting services

If you are also planning an online meeting with your foreign colleagues, business partners, or customers and need professional interpreting services, please contact us. We are experienced in online interpreting and take on every new challenge with enthusiasm.


What do we offer?

  • Simultaneous interpreting into multiple languages.
  • Sufficient staff capacity to allow for a regular rotation of interpreters.
  • Technical facilities for smooth interpretation.
  • Excellent audio and video quality.
  • Audio or video recording.


What are the benefits of online services?

  • You will save time, energy, and money.
  • The event can be organized within a matter of days, or weeks at most.
  • The event can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

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