Leave your translations in the hands of professionals

We have years of experience and translate millions of words every year.


Our pricing is straightforward and transparent – we charge by the number of words in the original document.
The price quote you receive is not subject to change. We use state-of-the-art translation software that supports a wide range of file formats, including those used by professional graphics applications.


We offer translations to and from all major languages, in combination with Czech and in language combinations not involving Czech. We can translate virtually anything.
Better yet, we have never charged extra for translations in specific fields.



We offer standard and express translations to and from all major languages.

Our translation memory and glossary ensure that your terminology will remain consistent across all translations.

We provide significant discounts on repeated text. The more you translate with us, the less you pay.

There are no limits to our expertise and there is no extra charge for specialised translations.


Enquire about a translation from us – it’s easy!

Send an e-mail to zakazky@ceskepreklady.cz:

  1. The text to be translated
  2. Target language
  3. Required delivery date

We will promptly send you a price quote for your approval.