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For an extremely successful Czech technology
start-up, Memsource, we regularly translate updates to the memsource.com website and blog from English into German, as well as text strings for the Memsource app, including the UI of the Memsource web and mobile app, from English into fourteen European and Asian languages.


Memsource is a Czech technology company that has been developing a cloud-based translation management system since 2010. It helps global businesses translate easily, quickly, and efficiently thanks to its unique design, which includes the use of AI.


Customers create their own translation projects using automation features, manage their own translation memory and glossary, and are therefore fully in control of their part of the translation process. We then simply receive e-mail notifications containing links to the projects assigned to us for translation. Our systems are connected and communicate with each other in real time.

To make sure that we are able to meet tight delivery deadlines, there is a system of automated notifications going out to our translators as well. Translators accept their tasks based on such notifications, which helps to significantly speed up the project preparation stage. There is no need to send files manually. This gives us great benefits – the whole process is automated, and translators can start working on their tasks without needing to wait for the translation agency to take any steps. Therefore, the main benefit for the client is our ability to considerably shorten turnaround times.



Filip Šanca, Community Marketing Lead

I am happy that České překlady has become our reliable provider of translation services for the localisation of our website. We are satisfied both with the delivery times and with the professional and friendly approach of the sales and project management team members.



Translation projects are created automatically thanks to the communication between the translation studio and the content management system, using the so-called CMS connector. All you need to do is connect your CMS (for a list of the supported systems, click here) with our translation studio and our translation services will be available “at the click of a button”.

As a bonus, you can stop worrying about ordering regular updates of your website content, as the connector will take care of this for you. You can simply publish content in the original language. Our system automatically identifies the changes and notifies us; we perform the translation and proofreading, and after a final check, the translations are automatically uploaded to the relevant website.

The same applies to the translations of app text strings. For example, if you work in weekly sprints, you can expect that the localised content in a foreign language will be published within one or two days.


Do you need a website translation but are not sure how to go about it?
Let us know – we will be happy to advise you.



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