An inspirational evening with digital storyteller Michelle Losekoot

The České překlady sales team, well-coordinated and excited about the phenomenon of viral advertising, attended the seminar of digital storyteller Michelle Losekoot on the subject of content marketing, creative writing and community management. We are grateful to Michelle for a great deal of inspiration, enthusiasm and perfect dedication to modern communication.


During the seminar, Michelle let us take a very special look at her working life and familiarised us with her own experiences with social media, copywriting and digital marketing. The overall feeling of the seminar was enhanced by the newly renovated and well-designed premises of the Olomouc co-working centre Vault 42, where the event took place.


Michelle professionally manages social media; she respects the community around them and willingly responds to comments. With slight exaggeration, it was said that ‘Michelle’s main weapon is social media’. In contrast to the web, which is static, social media are dynamic, variable, and especially ‘social’.


Also useful are concrete examples of how to overcome procrastination and to drive oneself to perform at a set time, such as taking a laptop to a café without a power cord or half-charged, or turning the monitor to people (you certainly don’t want others to see that instead of productive work you are watching videos), etc.


Michelle sees herself as a micro-influencer. Her work affects smaller groups that are not too scattered. She likes to praise honestly and publicly. She also recognises her very creative ‘haters’ and appreciates any constructive feedback (‘taxes, death and haters – the only sure things in life’).


Michelle’s also uses her talent and experience to provide consulting to companies. She passes on information, teaches teams, tries to arouse interest and initiate rules for social media. The main principle is that each social media requires different content and it is necessary to systematically devote attention to individual social media to ensure good effectiveness.


As is often the case, creative work, writing and any other form of intellectual work must be balanced out with manual work, activities, hobbies or at least a pleasant walk with your dog. But how to support storytelling, creativity and creative writing? The recipe for a good article is the knowledge of the topic + empathy + time + energy. It is a craft and can be learned. What a relief 🙂


And what is your relationship with social media, stories, and sharing information?
Do you write? Let us know.

And we promise to continue this dynamic topic.


Author: Zuzana Dvouletá


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