Specialized translations for the arms industry

translations for the arms industryThe portfolio of translation services we offer covers a wide range of domains. We offer not only certified (official) translations, but also the translations of legal and marketing texts or, for example, translations of technical manuals for the military industry.

We are sure we all understand how demanding and sensitive translations for the arms industry, can be.

Translating a user manual for an infantry fighting vehicle or the documentation for a military aircraft is not something that just anyone can do. What’s more, it really requires highly specialized translators…

Who among us could describe in detail how to drive a tank? Or how to mount a riflescope? Therefore, for our translations of documents and manuals for the security forces or the army, we work with verified and carefully selected experts who are perfectly familiar with the arms industry and know the correct terminology.

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České překlady has specialised in technical translations of documents for the arms industry since 2008. The quality and accuracy of the translated texts plays a significant role here. However, our clients in the arms industry also need to make sure that the data we translate remains safe. Thanks to the sophisticated security procedures that we implement and follow on a daily basis, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your sensitive information. We described every detail of how we work to ensure your data is 100% secure in our blog post here.


Translations of lens systemsWe have produced translations for companies operating in the field of security and military systems, lens systems, optomechanics and optoelectronics, manufacturers of engineering and military equipment, arms dealers and many more. 

We have even completed translations for the manufacturers of the Semtex plastic explosive, which was developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s.

We also have experience with translations for internationally recognized manufacturers of bulletproof vests, defence equipment and other equipment and systems for armies and police.


Which languages do we translate most often? English is our No. 1, but we also often provide specialized translations in other languages, such as Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Greek.


Document content security, quality and responsibility are our priorities.
We also translate highly specialised texts and we never charge any extra fees for the expertise. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your request for the translation of texts in the arms industry. With us, you can be sure that your translations are in expert hands.



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