Processing Orders at České Překlady

As part of a tender, we recently showed a potential client how orders are actually processed at České překlady. This was a great opportunity for us to present our services in a detailed and comprehensible manner. At the same time, it made us take a look at our everyday work from the other end, as they say, through the eyes of our customer.


What exactly happens with your text when it comes to us?

Imagine a standard text for translation, one that doesn’t require official verification and is not intended for publication. You can submit it for a quote in three ways – by email to, by using the online form on our website, or by using our application under the button labelled ‘Online Quote.

Regardless of which method you choose, your text will be delivered to one of our project managers, who will then analyse the text and prepare a customised quote, which you will receive, as a rule, within a mere 60 minutes.

As many of you know, years ago we made the decision to charge translations by source words. This means that the quote you receive from us is final, i.e. it features the fixed price for which your text will be translated.

The quote will be e-mailed to you together with a proposed standard delivery date and time. If the deadline is not to your liking, we can agree on a different one to satisfy your needs. Be assured that the agreed deadline is binding for us and that we regard strict adherence to it to as one of our competitive advantages.


And the translating begins!

As soon as you confirm the quote, we start translating. For the project manager in charge of your order, this means, first and foremost, contacting a suitable translator, i.e. an individual skilled in the use of translating software and possessing field-specific expertise. (For longer translations with a short deadline, the project manager is required to put together a team of translators. This was true also with orders you can learn more about in case studies.) 

While the translation process is under way, work progress is being carefully monitored. If the customer or the translator has any queries or comments while the translation is being worked on, we do our best to address those as effectively as possible. We strive to respond to your emails and phone calls immediately, so you don’t have to worry about your messages getting lost somewhere between reception, info@ and a nameless employee.

As soon as the translator confirms that the job has been completed, your translation is submitted for an in-house check performed by a professional and experienced translator different than the one who did the translation. This check involves grammatical and stylistic aspects as well as what is known as ‘quality assurance’, which is a check remotely similar to the one performed by your Microsoft Word, but much stricter and advanced. Following the in-house check, the translation is sent back to the project manager, who performs a final check to ensure that the translation is visually and formally identical to the original. At this point, the demanding procedure is over and your translation is ready to be delivered to you ‘still hot’.


If you are interested in learning about any part of this process in more detail, do not hesitate to contact our project managers or sales staff, who will be happy to help.



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