All of our clients benefit from tailor-made pricing plans, ensuring they only pay for exactly what they need. And we never put those prices up.



We charge on the number of words in the original text rather than per page. When you send us a document, we’ll give you a quote which you can approve before placing your order. We also offer discounts for repeated text, so the more you order the less you pay!

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Certified translations

We charge based on the actual amount of source text converted to standard pages (1800 characters including spaces). For large orders, a volume discount may be available. When placing the order, you know the exact price that is not subject to change.


Interpreting is charged by the number of hours spent interpreting and getting to the venue. We charge the same price regardless of the industry and required expertise.


Just like translations, proofreading is charged by the number of words rather than the number of pages, so you only pay for what you need. We’ll send you a quote so you can approve it before placing an order.



As regards other specific services, such as MTPE, Outsourcing, Localisation and Website Translation, we will be happy to give you a quote based on a thorough analysis. Send us an e-mail to




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