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Pricing a translation is a complex task that depends on a number of factors. The client is usually requested to provide further information as to the scope of the service being enquired about in order for us to be able to give them a price. Although we do our best to respond quickly to your enquiries, there are situations when you can’t wait and need to know at least an approximate price for your translation straight away.

Or you may not need a translation urgently, but you are wondering how much it would cost if you wanted to have one done. In either case, we have an ideal solution for you!

We have launched ONLINE QUOTE on our website, so you are no longer limited by our office hours and you can get the price of the translation of your text anytime, anywhere.

  • Has your boss commissioned you to order a translation and you forgot about it? Don’t worry! You can find out the price at five minutes to twelve and order the translation straight away, as if nothing had happened.
  • Are you working on your diploma thesis and wondering how much it will cost to translate the summary? Within a minute you will know everything you need. Are you not ordering it right away? It doesn’t matter. At least you can try our special version for students of this useful tool.
  • Are you drafting a contract and you are not even finished but need to make sure you don’t exceed the budget? You are in luck. You can use our Online Quote.

Tools like this have become commonplace on the translation market, but there are some pitfalls involved in working with them.

I want to give it a try 

ONLINE QUOTE may only be used for certain types of documents and only for plain (non-certified) translations, not for sworn translations. To put it simply: you should be able to calculate the length of any document that you can click into to edit the text. This means text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. You can also copy and paste the text directly into the relevant field of the quote form. Conversely, the online quote tool will most probably not read anything you cannot edit yourself, so you will get a quote equal to zero. This may be tempting, but you will understand that this offer is not valid. This is especially true for PDF files, scans and images.

Online Translation Quote

So if you upload any such documents, or if you state in your enquiry that you need an urgent translation, we will contact you as usual by e-mail with an adjusted price, which you can either accept or not. In any case, your order will not become binding until it has been confirmed by us.

Our Online Translation Quote is still in trial operation, so any feedback is hugely welcome. Feel free to send it to any of our contact e-mail addresses.


Of course, the possibility of enquiring with us via our enquiry form still exists.
And you can also contact us by e-mail.


Author: Michaela Vorlová


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