A new dimension of interpreting services

Do you need an interpreter for your business meeting or a videoconference in a foreign language?
Check out our offer of online interpreting services!


Online interpreting via phone or videoconference session is an attractive alternative to the traditional on-site interpreting services, as it offers great advantages,
including better flexibility and time and cost savings.


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What are some of the benefits?


  1. The interpreting services are easily accessible using standard office equipment
  2. All you need is a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with good quality internet connection, a webcam, a microphone, and speakers or a headset
  3. České překlady will take care of the technical organization of the event
  4. We offer a short training in the use of teleconferencing technology
  5. Maximum time flexibility, cost savings
  6. Available even for unique language combinations
  7. Screen sharing capability
  8. The sessions can be recorded, making it easy to share the content with team members who were unable to participate in person
  9. Suitable for all types of interpreting, from one-to-one meetings to lectures and presentations for larger audiences


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    Please contact us for more details via e-mail at zakazky@ceskepreklady.cz
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