October’s going to be a pretty special month for us. Czech out where we’re off to! (We’ll give you a clue, it’s in Brussels :D)

After reading the headline, bet you’re probably wondering what we’re all super excited about! Well, in just three weeks time, we’ll be heading to Brussels for what will not only be our first ever ELIA event, but also the first international industry event we’ve ever attended!

We’ve heard a lot about ELIA and their Networking Days, so we knew it was an event we couldn’t miss. It’ll combine two things we really enjoy – meeting colleagues from translation agencies all around the world, and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. We’re also looking forward to it being the first step towards becoming an active and well-known name in the industry. Although we’re very well known at home here in the Czech Republic, there’s a big world out there ready for us to explore, so you’ll be seeing us around a lot more!

If you’re going to the conference too, how about meeting up? Feel free to get in touch with our Business Development Manager Sarah on sarah.pokorna@ceskepreklady.cz or +420 730 154 737 to sort out a good time to meet.


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