Lucie Ingrová – a natural-born businesswoman

Lucie Ingrová joined our Olomouc sales team in 2018. There was no way we could have passed up her extensive experience in business! She has held various sales positions for over 26 years, mostly as an export manager. Talking with customers is her bread and butter, which is why she joined the acquisition department, whose objective is to attract new customers and take care of our existing ones.



Most of the time you’ll find her either on the phone or with a phone in hand. The phone and languages are her primary weapon. Not only is she fluent in both English and Russian, but she also has a good knowledge of German. This is thanks to the fact that Lucie is a lifelong adventurer and explorer. Travelling to faraway lands is her passion. It’s easier to list the countries she hasn’t been to than those she has already visited. She also keeps records of her travels, like any good and honest explorer would.


She likes to have fun, is very organized and loves helping others. She often arranges tailor-made sightseeing tours for her friends, and she helps them with any obstacles they might encounter. When she’s not flying off somewhere herself, she’s checking an app which shares information on the sort of planes flying above the heads of those on the ground at any given moment. That’s because her other passion is a general interest in airplanes and aviation. One of her favorite countries to go to is Indonesia.





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