How we learned in Prague to take care of project managers at the largest conference focused on translation agency project management

Last week, Prague hosted Focus on Project Management event organised by the European Language Industry Association (ELIA).

As proud members of ELIA and equally proud citizens of Prague ;), we naturally had to attend, moreover as a local partner. The conference was focused on project management. And there is no doubt that project managers are the most valuable members of our team. So, how to take care of them to make sure their work is as pleasant as possible?


The first day featured lectures, while the second consisted of workshops of small working groups on topics from the previous day. We came away from most of the lectures with a good feeling that we are doing things quite well :). There’s always room for improvement, and we already have a few new ideas. But it’s great to hear that someone recently came up with, for example, a system for managing email that is really efficient, especially knowing that we’ve already been using it for the last decade.


A lecture on the broad application of the technique known as mindfulness for managing stress at work and in one’s personal life was an eye-opening experience. It’s quite simple and really works. If you’re at the end of your rope, try to stop and breathe. There is always a solution, and there’s no need to shorten your life expectancy over every problem.


We thank and congratulate our excellent sales manager, Klára Svozilová, for managing her first conference so well and for establishing so many valuable contacts with foreign agencies. We also thank the ELIA team and look forward to the next event!


Author: Alžběta Brilová


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