Klára Svozilová’s Anniversary as a Member of Our Sales Team

Do you like anniversaries? I do!

I believe that there’s always a reason to celebrate, and that any and every opportunity should be taken. This May was really quite special for me.

The spring coronavirus crisis put a freeze on almost all social contact, but May was the beginning of happier times, as we were able to make the move from our homes back to our offices. Coincidentally, May also marked my work anniversary, and I decided to treat my lovely colleagues to a delicious, homemade carrot cake. If you’d like the recipe, let me know and I’ll gladly send it to you 🙂


It has been three years since I took the plunge from my relatively easy-going parental leave into the newly established foreign sales department at České překlady. It was a challenge to switch back into business mode, dust off my English, and get used to a totally different daily routine; but thanks to the wonderful support of my colleagues, I did indeed manage it all.

Another change came along quite quickly: I was put in charge of the entire database of foreign clients, as the former sales manager was going on maternity leave. From that moment on, I was fully responsible for the fulfilment of new business plans in the area of foreign clientele.


This change also meant that from time to time I would be travelling for business. I started by attending a conference for project and sales managers organized by ELIA in Prague, and in the autumn of the following year, I participated in a meetup for international translation agencies in Vienna, held under the auspices of the same organization. Both events gave me confidence and helped me to grow professionally. Then came a great Meet Central Europe (MCE) event to which České překlady sent a team of three, with me included. Although we planned to follow these events up with this year’s MCE in Innsbruck, Austria, our plans were unfortunately thwarted by the pandemic. Hopefully we will be able to meet next year…


klara-svozilova-cae As part of my professional training and development, I had to become familiar with the international translation industry (in my previous job I worked only with Czech clients) and also with translation technologies, to be able to cooperate with colleagues from the project management team.

And because writing and speaking English with our clients became part of my daily routine, I was very happy that I was able to complete my English studies by obtaining a CAE certificate, of which I am extremely proud.


To put it simply, looking back I could hardly ask for more. I have a job which I really enjoy and which helps me to grow professionally. A very important bonus for me is our team, which also meets socially outside of work. We often hold fun, informal events, and I think we all realize that we’re very lucky to be where we are.


Our boat trip down the Morava River, our Christmas event including a visit to the unique Invisible Exhibition in Prague, and visiting the Christmas markets in Olomouc are things that I will remember for a long time.


Author: Klára Svozilová & team



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