Is this the end of European Union Day?

Well, No. As Brexit finalises, we’re still a few years away from having the first country leave the EU. EU day is a day that promotes peace and unity throughout all the member states. As fun as it would be to sit here and make concoct sceptical outcomes for Britain’s exit, it’s more important that we look back at the principles that the EU was founded on. The United States of Europe was the original dream for the union. And for the most part they’ve been made the dream of free travel, borderless business and improving the quality of life for every member state.

The only thing sadly the EU hasn’t been able to create is a common language. Which to be honest would be next to impossible. This is where localization is crucial! Whether you’re looking for some Irish Knitwear, German Sausage or a fine French Bordeaux, regardless of where you’re ordering from. Nothing is nicer than landing on a page written in your preferred language. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than landing on a page translated roughly by Google and the endless wait till the translation finishes.

This is why Google’s latest algorithm is rewarding websites for having localized landing pages for users. This doesn’t mean that small businesses are doomed to be left behind if you’re an English speaking company and your main target audience are German and Austrian. Start with just the two new landing pages. Hook them up to your PPC to gain even more Brownie points from Google and your potential buyers and you’re already off to a great start.

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What is European Union Day?

The 9th of May 1950 honours the Schuman Declaration, one of the first steps taken to form the European Union. Maybe unknown to us, but it was named after the French foreign minister Robert Schuman. His agreement for the French and German production of steel and coal under one higher authority would help lead to almost 70years of peace and unity in Europe. As well as improving the quality of life for hundreds of millions of Europeans.


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