“I Now Understand That the Translation Industry Is My Destiny”, Said Irena Šotková

I was pleasantly surprised to realise not so long ago that it has been three years since I joined České překlady (Czech Translations) as an Account Manager. I am responsible for the comprehensive care of our regular customers, the company’s participation in tenders, and getting feedback from customers.


Account Manager Ceske Preklady


Working for a translation company is nothing new for me. I have been working in this industry for over 20 years and during this time I have had the opportunity to meet many language enthusiasts and other inspiring people, something I am extremely grateful for.

In my various roles, I have been able to try out translation project management, creating business proposals and analyses, account management, vendor management and even marketing and HR. So I think I’m qualified to say that I’ve got an idea of how a translation agency works after all these years, and I know what every role entails. Equally, I know that new translation technologies are taking our business by storm, so there is always something to learn.



I have always enriched my work at translation agencies with my own translations. I graduated with a Master’s degree in English and Czech Languages at Palacký University in Olomouc and since 2002 I have worked as a court translator for English. I enjoy translating legal texts in particular, and in this specialisation I am constantly trying to broaden my knowledge by regularly attending various legal English seminars.

Languages have always been and still are my hobby. I am currently sinking my teeth into learning Italian.
I like to go cycling or skiing with my family or friends, as well as to the theatre, concerts and the cinema. I also love travelling and exploring new places, photography and spending time in the kitchen. It’s even better when others enjoy my creations as well ?


Author: Irena Šotková



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